Illustration by Katherine Balardo

Illustration by Katherine Balardo


“I write plays because they come naturally to me, almost fully formed.” - Katharine Crawford Robey


First Harvest


First Harvest is a poignant comedy about two Atlantans, their friends, and family. Sylvia and Thomas, who have never gotten along, attempt to throw a party in Thomas’ vineyard in Northern Michigan. The cast involves three generations. The theme is the power of redeeming love.

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Hamlin’s Bluff

Hamlin’s Bluff uses characters based on Hamlet. In this action-based play, a mother and her teenage daughter attempt to save the family cottage from a materialistic stepfather. “Hamlin’s Bluff” received a partial reading in Northport, MI.

A Raven Flies at Midnight

A Raven Flies at Midnight is about a schizophrenic sister who somehow manages to reveal the true meaning of love to her siblings and mother. This drama explores the effect of mental illness in a family.



A pitch document is complete for the juvenile animated TV Series, Birdlandia. Birdlandia is a riff based on John James Audubon’s making of the Birds of America. Birdlandia involves time travel, talking animals, singing birds, Audubon and his dog.

The pitch document outlines characters and ten episodes, as well as a script for the Pilot, Cherish the Robin.

Painting by John James Audubon, “American Robin.”