Katharine  first published in Cricket magazine in July, l992, for Fireworks! A few years later Cricket published Grandma’s Gifts a story about two sisters who begin to understand their stern grandmother. Then, in 1997, Katharine presented her adult story, Spring Thaw which involves a stoic mother and her adult daughter, at the International Conference on the Short Story. Katharine went on to publish ten short stories (now collected in Cardinal Coat and Other Stories), and has since published three children’s books (The Sleeping Bear Wakes Up, Where’s the Party and Hare and the Big Green Lawn)  She has completed three plays for adults, Hamlin’s Bluff, A Raven Flies at Midnight, and First Harvest. Katharine leads a Writing Workshop for adults in Atlanta. In the summer, Katharine teaches a Young Writers’ Workshop in Empire, Michigan.

Fireworks! has appeared on standardized tests over 350,000 times. It has been used in Canada’s home schooling program. Katharine’s short story, Great Northern Pike has likewise appeared on reading comprehension tests.

Katharine Crawford Robey was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She spent most of her childhood on forty acres of land near Marshfield, Wisconsin, called Silver Creek Farm. There Katharine explored fields, woods, and streams and learned to love nature, especially birds. She began telling stories to her siblings when she was about six years old. A few years later, her father brought home a journal bound in black, and said to her, “Now write your stories down in this book.” And so Katharine did, all sorts of stories and poems. She still has the journal today.

Katharine spent her college years at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and took ecology courses, history, and music, which earned her a B.A. in music. After that she followed in her father’s footsteps and went to law school at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. She played the violin in the college orchestra in return for a tuition scholarship.

Immediately upon graduation she married Ron Robey, her law school classmate. They moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where they still live. Katharine practiced law for ten years. She retired to raise her two children, Kate and John Warren, and to write. Katharine studied fiction writing at Georgia State University at the graduate level and recently took Screenplay Writing at Emory University.

 Katharine was named a Master Birder by the Atlanta Audubon Society in 2002. Now she writes, presents her work at conferences and readings, and plays the violin in a Baroque Orchestra, as time permits. Her past times include birding and hiking Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. Katharine lives in Atlanta, Georgia and Empire, Michigan, with her husband and adorable red standard poodle, Willa Cather Robey. 

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