Illustration by Katherine Balardo

Illustration by Katherine Balardo


“I write because I have things to say. I consider it my duty and privilege to make order out of this crazy mixed-up world, for the benefit of  my readers. I write fiction because it gives my readers an experience, deepened through the use of literary devices.  I use nature in all her complexity and beauty to enhance my stories.” -  Katharine Crawford Robey


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Cardinal Coat and Other Stories

Cardinal Coat and Other Stories



Currently Katharine is working on a novel, Borderland. Here is an excerpt from the first chapter, Mother’s Day Blessing

Mercy what was wrong with Imogene. prancing along with all them blooms, she trip

for sure. So said good nurse Atoile, and left Imogene at the doorway of the now familiar


Imogene hesitated, heard Atoile’s shoes squeak back down the long sallow corridor,

then bounded over the threshold.

“Mother?” The older woman, old woman, not too old yet, sat at her dressing table

mirror, applying orange lipstick. Her white hair fell like a thin veil over the sides of her

head. Her nose, once aristocratic, had yellowed into an eagle’s bill. The muscles of her

neck stretched taut, hid her throat. Seen in the bright noon light, her profile wore a

twisted grimace, possibly due to the stroke. 

Immie glimpsed her own lovely, no longer young self, in the glass. In a corner of her

mind, the sight of her mother once drawing Immie’s face on a mirror with lipstick, and

then placing an x through it, rose up. But that had been long ago. Now she raised her

voice. “Mom?”

Margery turned abruptly from the mirror and put on a lipsticked smile. “How do I


“Beautiful as always,” Imogene lied. Her eyes fell on an overnight bag zipped tight by

the window.

Katharine expects to complete Borderland in 2020. Borderland will explore the nature of reality, love, and the concept of home.